Real Results Beyond Stress

Get Real Results and Reduce Your Stress too!

If you are wondering what the difference is when clients choose to work with me here is just a flavour of the results I have helped clients to achieve by either working directly with me or as part of one of my online programmes.

Jacqui Tillyard, mindfully reducing stress in the work place
Jacqui Tillyard

If work is currently stressing you , I can help take you to from Overwhelm, Overload, Exhaustion and Hopelessness instead being able to :

• Connect and Communicate with Tricky Work colleagues with Ease and Effectiveness
• Handle and Delegate Heavy Work loads FAST!
• Get the right things done in short timescales
• Escape the chore of commuting
• Handle the over-expectations of others and yourself
• Find time to develop a private/personal life that you absolutely love
• Break the cycle of just working, snacking & sleeping

  • Manage to stay sane whilst working for yourself in your own busines
  • Overcome the isolation of being a solopreneur working from home
  • Discover how to switch off your doubting ‘mind monkeys’ (the ones that distract you from success!)
  • Get out of overwhelm, stop procrastinating and take applied action
  • Get out of chaos and back into the swing of success again
  • Learn to prioritise so that you are not compromising your health, your homelife or your position at work
  • Avoiding addiction to harmful foods, alcohol and substances
    • Get rid of Guilt!
    • Develop a deep sound regenerative sleep routine
    • Rediscover your vibrancy and get your mojo back
  • Connect to your inner confidence once again
  • Perfect your performance at work and home
  • Develop your intuitive inner wisdom compass to make important decisions
  • You can learn to regain

  • Focus & Concentration
  • Energy
  • Fulfillment
  • Calmness
  • Confidence
  • Control
  • Purpose
  • Health
  • Conscious Contribution
  • Quality Performance
  • Excellent Results