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If you are seeking fast solutions that solve the challenges that stress is currently causing for you, here are a range of products and services designed to help you release, relax and get back on track fast, so you can be more effective, feel better, think clearer, and perform at your peak at work and home. All of the services use only natural and effective methods and work fast.

30 Minute Personal Discovery Session (via phone or Skype)Jacqui Tillyard

  • Feel at your wits end?
  • Feels like you are quietely going mad and can’t admit defeat?
  • Don’t believe anyone gets your problem right now?
  • Worry that you are falling apart while those around you ignore the fact?
  • Scared of your stress being found out by your boss? Worried you may be perceived as a failure now?
  • Its time to stop all of those feelings and take some fast, positive and productive action to move ahead again!

Ready to do something about it and fast?
This 30 minute phone or Skype Discovery session will help you to pinpoint the precise problems that are adding to your stress levels. I will guide you through some practical and useful ways to instantly feel better and release the stress you are currently feeling. Put things into perspective and blast through negative energy and stress. Get back on track and be more effective again.
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Coming Soon – 21 Day Intensive – Mindfulness for Mega Busy Business Moms – Shift that Stress Programme

A virtual support system to enable you to shift that stress and move ahead with your plans, stress free, clear and more energised. A 21 day programme with daily tasks and assignments that can be fitted into your day so you create new supportive habits to ensure you are on top form, lower your stress levels and can create the results you desire without all the stress that normally comes with it.

If you are tired of trying to be superwoman at work as well as at home, this is a great programme for you. Whether work is making your feel exhausted and under the weather healthwise or your home life is suffering due to long hours and working away too much, or you are simply struggling with certain aspects of work or work colleagues this is a great time to address those issues. (For more details on the programme click here)

Get your these aspect of your life back on track:

  • Curb Work Challenges
  • Improve Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Overcome Overwhelm
  • Stop Sleepless Nights
  • Calm a Racing Mind
  • Get Present- Be in the Moment again
  • Prevent Potential Health Challenges
  • Increase Your Energy levels

Videos, emailed tasks, recordings and a Private Community group, form the basis of the programme so you can visit and replay whenever you need.

Cost just £149

Coming Soon – Distraction Detox Programme

Are you addicted to constantly checking your mobile phone or spend too much time on your tablet? If you are feeling distracted from focusing on priority tasks, are bogged down with worry, anxiety and other attention drains, then this mini course is perfect for you.

  • Learn how to detach from distraction
  • Reduce your reliance on technoference
  • Reduce the stress that distraction is causing
  • Become more present in whatever you do
  • Eliminate non essential tasks and free up more time
  • Regain energy and focus
  • Learn to enjoy work and home life once again
  • Stop you family from being detached and learn how to have more meaningful conversations again

Cost just £149


Shift that Stress Day – A One to one face to face intensive

(Available in UK Only) It’s lonely at the top isn’t it? Leadership has its own stress – tricky to really express yourself for fear of looking silly, the need to remain confidential even when there’s a problem, like now, loneliness can feel debilitating when you are in the top position there are fewer people to confide in, who can you talk to? Its time to review those expectations, show your vulnerability in an authentic way, learn to balance important activities whilst taking time out, switching off from work from time to time, See Jack’s not such a dull boy or girl! You have to have strategies to remain the Victor and not the victim. Let me guess, despite you appearing a total success to the outside world, inside you feel like there is something missing and you are almost running on empty! As a result currently your stress levels are overtaking your health and wellbeing and you simply aren’t functioning at full capacity. You know you cannot keep up this ‘act’ and need to really get to grips with the stress factor before its effects have a catastrophic outcome on your health. You need help NOW! You are also aware that you feel more driven and possess a real pull to look at doing business through more spiritual (but non religious eyes) Not only would you like to add in more soulful and spiritual practices into your day to day life but add a more meaningful approach to doing business too. You want to be able to do so without feeling like you have gone all “woo, woo!” and crazy! You would love to discover more about this with someone who gets you on both a practical, professional and energetic level. You can be safe in the knowledge that this conversation is totally confidential, respectful and full of integrity.

Do you wish?

• You could make sense of the empty feeling inside • Clear negative energy that may be currently stopping your success • Eliminate those uncomfortable stressful feelings that are affecting your health right now • Stop the feelings of guilt when you wish you were with your family and are working instead.  Lose the act of wearing the business mask and uncover a more authentic expressive you • Feel more relaxed about expressing more of your authentic self in business • Learn how to feel really chilled about business instead of constantly uptight, dealing with people who are not that nice to deal with! • Learn how to say no more to the ‘should, must and ought to’ tasks and connections that are preventing your personal and professional breakthroughs • Reconnect on a soul level with your real purpose and talents and use them daily • Enhance your business with a more heart centred, soulful approach • Intuitively Communicate and attract clients with a similar outlook • Expand your conscious possibilities awareness so you can create more of what you want • Really understand how to implement spiritual practices into a very practical daily routine • Learn how to identify more relevant and meaningful opportunities • Speak to someone on a practical business level as well as understanding the spiritual aspects of successful entrepreneurship and doing business • Create an inspiring future plan that propels you forward with purpose, focus and clarity This is the ultimate intensive day to dramatically reduce your stress levels free up your time, energy and mindset whilst still leading you to create an increase in profits, improve your motivation and catalyse your big vision for the future.

My One to One Shift that Stress Intensive Day includes: • In depth consultation to establish the root cause of your stress and any other limits that are creating your current situation • Energy and emotion block shift clearing session to rebalance you physically, emotionally and mentally • Tailor-made tools and practical self help techniques to use when you next feel stressed or off centre • Examine how to implement subtle changes to put more meaning into your work practices. • Comprehensive mentoring during the day to create your forward action plan. Each session is held at a premium location in a private room includes lunch and refreshments and my undivided attention to assist you in sorting out the stress mess and taking you to a new level of awareness and clarity Cost for the Intensive £1250 Payment in advance via Bank transfer contact me for details

Stressed Sorted Programme (6 part intensive programme)

Stress can’t just be fixed overnight, and if you are committed to addressing your health issues on a physical, mental and emotional level then I laso offer a more intensive 6 part programme that is delivered privately one to one with a select set of clients.

The programme addressing key issues around stress and also offers holistic natural solutions to solve the problem of stress for you. It goes into even more depth than the Shift Stress day detailed above so you can see it has more to offer.

If you would like to discover more about this then please call to arrange a free discovery session so we can see if this would be a good fit for you to get your stress challenges addressed once and for all.

To arrange your sessions contact me for available dates and times.