Life Lessons from Leicester

Over the past two weeks my home town has been a place of celebration. From those celebrations there have come life lessons from the heart of Leicester in so many ways. For those of you who don’t regularly read or watch media news, Leicester City Football won the UK Football Premiership this season. It’s been a major world news story which is astounding in a little city like Leicester with just 330000 people living in the actual city.

lcfc celebration 2
Premiership cup raised by Claudio Ranieri at Victoria Park Leicester

Now its one thing to win a champion’s cup but what makes this win so special?

The team were the perceived ‘under dogs’ and despite the critics and sceptics comments at the start of the season, they disproved their ridicule only to come out on top. It was the first time ever in their history that this club won this particular title. They won through hard work, sheer effort and total belief.

Not only did the team win but the enthusisasm of the whole City created such momentum that it carried throughout the world and people in countries across the globe began to celebrate too.

If you have been having a tough time recently and feeling totally stressed, keep reading as I share the key lessons that may help you to overcome adversity and still champion and be successful.

From the story of LCFC, there were lessons to be learned from the experience. Here are just a few of them

  • Success is a mindset

Despite the common view that Leicester could not achieve success at the top of the league, the team continued to develop their success mindset until they achieved total success. You too can do this, set out a plan of action to develop a ‘can do’ attitude, remain positive and calm even in a crisis. Look for evidence of past success, celebrate even the smallest of successes in your life, look for more of them.

  Belief wins through

Leicester City Football Team truimph with Premiership cup

Not only did the team believe, but all of their supporters, as the momentum of this belief grew, they whole town and even people from further afield began to believe. Momentum creates increased belief, if you are facing a challenge rise to it, take a no excuses approach and have belief in your ability, the end result and your own confidence, belief and outcome will grow too.

  • Hard work pays offThe team worked together as a close knit team, they trained hard, worked hard and worked as a solid unit on the pitch to clinch the title. If you are looking to achieve success, be prepared to work hard, engage with those who will support you most and work together on creating a successful outcome.
  • You don’t have to invest in the most expensive to succeedIn the grand scheme of football investment the cost of the whole of Leicester’s 2015/16 squad was relatively low, a mere £23 million. If you have financial limitation right now, know that you don’t need the latest or most expensive gadgets, training or support in order to get a postive outcome. Start from where you are, take massive action and developing your inner belief are far more important to securing success. Also not stressing about money will lower your anxiety too!
  • Gentle motivation triumphs (pizza time!)

You don’t always have to get tough to get results. Manager Claudio Ranieri motivated his team with the promise of pizza if they kept a ‘clean sheet’ score. Think of mini rewards you could give yourself if you have mini successes on the way to your journey of results. Don’t be hard on yourself, stay motivated.

The world loves the underdog to win

lcfc celebration
People power, 250,000 celebrate Leicesters’ success

over 250,000 people spilled onto the streets of Leicester last Monday to cheer on the winning team, many outside of the area who I spoke to, loved the idea of the 5000/1 underdog team triumphing over other larger successful teams. The odds of that win were greater than Simon Cowell becoming British Prime Minster, yet all odds were overcome. People appreciate it when odds are overcome, so think about how you can overcome the odds to win through.




  • Together we are stronger
    us celebrating lcfc
    together we are stronger

    Being part of that 250000 crowd felt very special last week, you felt part of a greater whole, there were no barriers to crede, culture, age, sex or any other defined box others try to put us in. All people came together in peace and celebration to cheer on the team and party. Leicester was indeed a place to demonstrate that together in unity, the people are stronger.




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