Here are a selection of some of the most commonly asked questions from my clients. Please check here to see if I can give you an instant answer to your burning question.

Are you qualified to give health and wellbeing advice?

I am a certified holistic health care practitioner, NLP Master and Reiki Master, so I can give you guidance on certain areas of natural healthcare and suggest ways in which to manage your energy levels, mindset and emotions and physical wellbeing.

Examples of ways I may help would be which aromatherapy oils to use for specific ailments, how to breathe effectively, ways to calm yourself naturally, how to sleep better, developing a better more motivated, postive mindset, I can explain the benefits of having certain treatments, how to relax etc.

Holistic healthcare is meant to be used to compliment traditional medicine, hence the term complimentary medicine.  I may also offer tips and tools to help improve positive mindset and personal development.
These tools are intended for self help, so its down to you to use them effectively. the idea around natural alternative and complimentary solutions is they are often ways to prevent more illness occuring rather than fixing once broken.

So should I stop taking medication?

No if in any doubt please consult your GP, if you are taking any medication, please continue to do so unless it has an adverse effect on you, in which case you need to go back and speak with your GP.
I am NOT a medical doctor and would never give advice or information which may compromise your current health challenges. I also will never claim to cure any ailment and observe a strict code of conduct through all my programmes.

Where do you get your guest speakers and resources?

All my guest speakers and experts are sourced by having first hand experience of their service. I will have either hired them myself or have seen the effectiveness of their work on my clients. I find personal experience is a good way to find great people.

How do I access the members area?

You will be allocated a login so you have instant access 24/7 for a long as you remain a member

What do I get for my monthly subscription fee?

Each month you will access new materials to help you achieve optimum health. You will have a mix of the following

  • Release it Now Newsletter
  • Ear Candy – great podcasts and interviews
  • Expert Training – either a webinar or video training
  • Moti-Messages – audio and written tips and motivational messages
  • Wise Words- Inspiring quotes and messages
  • Giftaway – our members only offers for free giveaways
  • Monthly Special Offers- Courses, books and offers exclusively for you the members
  • Word Up blog – written resources to help you on your journey

Is there a minimum time commitment for the membership area?

No you can opt out at any time, however we cannot guarantee holding the current price of subscription so if you choose to re-join at a later stage, it may cost  more. Our aim is to always provide the very best quality and value to our loyal clients.

Can I get a discount?

Afraid not, we price sensibly, offer extreme value and don’t do discounting. We believe if you are looking after your wellbeing its an investment, so cost and discount should never come into the equation. why put a price on your health?