My Kind of Clients

  • Who I work with

  • I help ambitious, intelligent UK based career women whose health is being seriously compromised due to work pressures, office politics and work related stresses. Many of them try to juggle too many tasks and are addicted to multi-tasking. They create even more overwhelm and chaos in their life because the often feel guilty both at work and at home which increases their stress and anxiety.
  • I specialise in working with UK based Career women and business owners facing severe work related stress that impacts their health and all aspects of their home life.


What you get if you work with me

I am a level headed & intuitive mentor with confidential practical wisdom who spots your core stress issues fast and helps you to solve them.You will be able to access a unique blend of proven logical and holistic tools, to reduce your mega stress and improve your wellbeing on a mental, physical and emotional level.If you require a ‘no nonsense’ trusted mentor  to get you refocused , who offers you a sacred space to gain valuable insights, make important changes to address your stress levels. I am it, you found her!It’s time to return to the authentic sane and stress free you naturally.



  • Are you?

  • A Smart professional action taker. You know that stress is currently compromising your decision making and professional and personal results.You really want to solve the problem before it gets out of hand

  • Frustrated Career Parent? Addicted to multi-tasking and exhausted in the process?

    Mega stressed career Mom who need to stop their stressful situation now for fear of their physical, emotional and mental health and sanity

  • An addicted multi-tasking control freak who constantly juggles too much and ends up chaotic, exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • Working parents who try to do too much everyday, You  feel increasingly guilty as you work long hours. You then feel too exhausted to play or spend quality time with your children.
  • Ambitious moms who feel like they have put their dreams whilst they juggle a corporate job and have put their dream business start up on hold for fear of losing their sanity. Despite this, they can’t switch off from the ideas and aspirations that drive them.
  • Working Moms and small business owners who are stressing because they feel like they have lost the art of conversation with their family. Everyone in your house spends too much time in front of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. There is little interaction between the family and you would like to break the routine and get out and have fun together again.


Corporate Crash and Burn?

  • Women who are so stressed at work they have noticed their temper is short with their kids and now they feel guilty and are looking for simple ways to release the stress before they get home each day.
  • Working Women who have pushed themselves too far. You are on the edge of ‘Crash and Burn’. Its time to address your stress IMMEDIATELY! You want to be able to create a haven after a hectic day at work.
  • Career Dads who work so late they miss their kids growing up. They feel pangs of guilt as they rely on their wives, partners and family members to take their place.
  • People who have become addicted stress heads. Maybe you want to find ‘calmness in the chaos’ ? Learn how to reconnect with what is most important to you at home as well as in business.


Running your own business and either working from home or your small office and going insane in the process?

Female Business owners who work from home and are fed up of constant interruptions that prevent them from getting things done in their business and succeeding.

Trying to juggle all the tasks that running your business entails, yet you are feeling totally stressed in the process?

Smart working women with kids. You feel like you are losing your mojo and motivation. There is too much overwhelm at work and home.


Think you fit any of these descriptions? Want to explore how to break through the challenges that stress is currently presenting to you? Why not connect with me? You can book your Free 30 minute informal exploration session. See if I can help you get back on track fast.