Client results working with me

What results do my clients get working with me?    Seeing the real value of your Self Investment~

Client Benefits of working with release your stress now


“When I have hired her as a coach I have always found her insights invaluable. Jacqui is a very capable and knowledgeable lady with many skills. I’d use her again any day.” Jo Parfitt Author

“I work with clients to naturally and rapidly shift the symptoms and remove the root causes of the stress that’s causing them to be totally distracted from achieving their ideal results in their business and personal life. They can then reignite the spark that once made them successful and satisfied without suffering the stress”.

  • I will save you getting really ill from stress
  • Save you time
  • Stop the need for you having to put in too much effort
  • Stop you trying to please too many people without reward
  • Regain clarity on your own priorities
  • Making you a more pleasant Mummy to be around at home
“Just a small thank you for all you do for me. I can’t tell you how much help you’ve been to me emotionally and practically, so thanks all round.”  J Crooks Beacon Training

Clients feel better fast, be able to get back on track for success, feel calmer, clearer, energised, empowered, focused, fabulous, less stressed, and ready to face any challenge with a reignited confidence and enthusiasm once more.

“Following our NLP coaching session this week, so far so good – I feel completely different when I’m in the car now – you wouldn’t believe it! Now I can travel UK wide to all those business appointments with ease. Thank you so much.”
K McNulty Lincs

What’s the cost of you not looking after yourself? Could you actually put a price on your life?

Many clients come to me in a ‘bit of a mess’ after neglecting their own health  whilst fire fighting the symptoms of stress, instead of taking some time out to reflect and come up with workable solutions to their stress, they ignore it , comfort eat or don’t eat at all, reach for wine each night, stop exercising because they are time short, take up smoking even though they quit years ago, have too many sleepless nights, numb out in front of the TV, dread the next day as it’s a work day!


They can learn how to:

  • Get past the self doubt and feeling like you are ‘falling apart’ that is causing you stress, you can get back on track for success they have previously enjoyed
  • Overcome feeling constantly overwhelmed, exhausted and distracted
  • Learn how to stop juggling work and home life and start living life to the full without the chaos
  • Switch off that incessant voice in your head that churns out too many thoughts
  • Create mind space to improve decision making and action taking

  • Quieten your mind quickly whenever you feel chaotic
  • Easily handle whatever life throws at you
  • Stop ‘faffing’ in your frazzled state and start living again
  • Be more Calm, Collected and Centred
  • Stop feeling Guilty juggling family and work commitments
  • Improve your ability to prioritise and reduce stressful distractions
  • Start to get a good night’s sleep for a change
  • Stop getting angry with yourself and your kids
  • Increase your energy and still have time to work as well as play
  • Reduce the stress and bring on more fun
  • Improve your natural wellbeing – lose that ‘frazzled factor’!
Jacqui has offered me opportunities to look at myself, how I relate to my business, given me really useful coaching , guided me to access the next level training, improve my networking and get ahead. The time spent with her allow me to reflect and see new insights I would have otherwise missed. it is invaluable quality time that helps me improve my work. Jacqui has been invaluable to me.”
L Marshall Senior Civil Servant

Working with me will enable you to:

  • Overcome Overwhelm , Calm your chaotic mind
  • Get you back on the path to success instead of being diverted with stress
  • Reconnect you to your personal point of power, confidence and vitality
  • Feel less frazzled in just 10 minutes on a daily basis
  • Identify exactly what is unconsciously wasting your time and energy everyday
  • Stop running on empty at work and home
  • Reduce the need to be all things to all people, the kids and the dog!
  • Release the urge to constantly multi-task
  • Make clearer choices and more discerning decisions
  • Learn how to switch off your stress and worries instantly when you would normally go into overdrive!
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Reconnect to the feelings of confidence you once had
  • Use simple strategies to reduce stress, feel better and prevent health burn out.
  • Access simple, proven practical tools and techniques to reduce stress naturally that work, which are not WOO- WOO!
  • Increase your energy levels, free up your wasted time and feel better


What’s the cost of not addressing this problem for you?

Your health and wellbeing is worth far more than the cost of any of my programmes, remember STRESS is a KILLER! You simply can’t ignore it!

Stress has been found to be the root cause of many serious illnesses if left unaddressed. There are strong links between stress and heart problems, high blood pressure, depression, cancers, stroke, and mental health problems.

What price could you ever put on your wellbeing and happiness?

Imagine what might happen if you hit crash and burn and were unable to work and support your family? Could you really afford to compromise your health and your lifestyle? Isn’t it absolutely worth taking time out now to address the issues and invest in your health and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level before something serious happens?

Many of my programmes cost less than a couple of sessions with a first class holistic therapy practitioner! And you will have a full programme and support forever instead of having to travel out to see someone in a clinic for an hour out of your already busy day!

It’s time to invest in yourself, your business success, your future and the future of your family, time to be a Mega Happy Mom instead of a Mega Stressed one!