About Jacqui

Jacqui Tillyard Release your stress now mentoring and training Why You Can Trust Jacqui to help you – Jacqui Tillyard Release your stress now, stress management mentor and trainer

Three words -Experience, Empathy, Expertise.

I have been there, not only got the t shirt but have the full wardrobe when it comes to understanding the impact of stress! As a stress management mentor and trainer I got rid of stress naturally by using the tools I teach. Now I have created a better work life balance. The tools and techniques that improved my health I now share with my clients. I walk my talk; I know what works, believe in what I do, I am intuitive, wise and warm. My friendly yet no nonsense approach is always well received by my ideal clients. They describe my style as getting things done quickly with an inspiring ‘can do’ manner. There is no BS with me, I tell it like it is whilst maintaining high integrity with clients. My honest and open approach helps you to identify key areas for improvement fast.

Wise & Experienced – I get where you are right now.

I am a professionally and experientially qualified mentor/trainer. I specialise in helping professionals and entrepreneurs just like you to reduce their stress levels, mind monkeys and quickly and become more mindful and present in their lives.

Intuitively Spots the Root Cause of Your Stress

Jacqui TillyardPeople say I have the innate knack of honing in on a problem area and ‘sorting stuff out’ quickly. In terms of your current stress challenges, I usually ‘just get it’ having had the experiences myself ‘have been there done that’ and come through those experiences healthy, happy and sane! Now I want to help you to achieve the same great results so you can start to enjoy your life once again on your own terms!

Sound background, great experience, empathy to your situation

“Me a Stress head ? Not now – I’ve been there, done that, won’t go there again. I bought the stress t-shirt in every colour and style! But now Ive had a wardrobe clear out getting rid of stress that didn’t suit or fit!!”    Jacqui Tillyardjacqui tillyard, solving the problem of stress

Because I have a successful corporate career and entrepreneurial background, I not only understand your current situation at work and the stress challenges you are facing, but I also offer the unique blend of proven practical and holistic mindset support with an added clear understanding of the mechanics of doing, running and growing a successful and profitable business. You are in very safe hands and can still get the results you really desire! With my unique approachable, professional and totally truthful style you are in very capable hands. I offer confidential and effective personal consultations to dramatically reduce the negative effects of stress which get my clients back on track for mega success.

There is no nonsense with me, you are assured of confidential straight forward realistic results at all times.

Jacqui tillyard release your stress nowMy role is to enable you to get a fresh perspective using only proven effective methods to overcome the rigours of stress. I help you to create healthy and happy work environments where people thrive and prosper. Whether you work with me as an individual entrepreneur, employee or are a HR professional or business owner looking for support for your staff, I can assist you in getting the right results whilst making the you feel able to easily overcome stress factors that you may be facing.

Jacqui’s professional qualifications include:

NLP Master • Eriksonian Hypnotherapy. Certified Stress Management Consultant • Qualified Holistic therapist • CBT diploma • Advance Psychology Diploma • Certified Hypnotherapy practitioner • Reiki Master • Access Bars Facilitator • Results coach and mentor, Balance Procedure Practitioner, EAM

Jacqui’s Ethosjacqui tillyard stress management mentor

  • I will hold the space and listen so that you can be heard. I will allow you to express your concerns and then help you to find the right solution or methodology to solve your stress dilemmas
  • Everything is just an interesting point of view; it’s really all about choice!
  • I notice that many of my clients experience stress because they are distracted and not fully present in the here and now. We work on reducing distraction and increasing productivity.
  • Be at Cause rather than at Effect -In other words STOP making excuses and be the solution to the problem instead
  • Your energy and emotions will always align and attraction likeness whether that is negative or positive – Remember change starts and ends with you!
  • Your Mindset Matters when it comes to getting the right results, so create the right one
  • Always aim for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integrity, I am here to help you achieve that
  • Whether you are aware, you always communicate unconsciously, which can mislead others or give the game away if you are ‘off centre’
  • I offer a proven Process for Change – Acknowledge and have awareness of the issue. Address the root cause of the stress and act on it, Make the right change choices
I believe in helping people to recognise
  • Be the best authentic you, what’s real for you, where are your priorities?
  • The world would be a better place with more authentic people, stop pretending so lose the mask!
  • Superwoman is just a mythical character, you don’t have to be her everyday!
  • People come first then the numbers ; get your team on side to reap rewards. This will gain their good will always. It’s a question of carrot dangling rather than stick waving!
  • No matter what your job title, you are still a person. Always remember to treat your colleagues as you would like to be treated yourself – with respect and integrity
  • Remember Inner respect gets outer results
  • Inspiration, the breath of life leads to more success.Take a Holistic approach to encompass the whole situation. Practical Woo- Woo works, especially when you blend logic and esoteric it can have a massive positive impact on results and outcomes. I have proof of the effectives with my clients.

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