5 Day Challenge and Mompreneur Collective

A free online 5 day challenge, where you address key areas that are generally causing stress for you. As busy working moms you can try to pack far too much into a day which escalates the stress. So this 5 day challenge aims to get you more mindful about the energy drains you are creating, offering ways to lessen the burden so that at the end of the 5 days you are coming from a place of less stress, more clarity and calmness which will enable you to get more done without the frazzle factor!   

Day 1 Brain dump – consequences of overwhelm stress and overload

Day 2 Stop Multitasking – focus and prioritise – problems you are currently facing, getting perspective and quitting multitasking

Day 3 Say no more often to regain time and energy – what is causing your stress, how is this becoming a problem for you, overload, overwhelm can’t cope burn out

Day 4 Me time once again – Me time, let off steam, energy vibe increase

Day 5 Distraction and technoference – reduce your phone and app addiction. Setting an example

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Join me in the Release Your Stress Now Mompreneur Collective

Jacqui Tillyard Release your stress nowAn exclusive member’s community of like minds who want to:

  • Reduce their work and family related stress
  • Release tension, overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Regain their energy naturally
  • Get back some valuable me time
  • Let off some steam to reduce that stress!

Have solid proven techniques to achieve all of the above

The Collective Offers Monthly
  • Webinar trainings
  • Expert Interviews
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Online members only resources
  • Private FB group
  • Group Energy Healings and Meditations
  • Exclusive Members Only offers for other fantastic resources
  • Support from like minded people who get your current dilemma and offer valuable insight, proven solutions and tangible results

All this key information is available via a members only page so you will have 24/7 access to the materials.

It’s private so you won’t feel exposed or uncomfortable

Designed with you in mind to get the benefits you so badly need right now

Join today and you will get a bonus RYSN Masterclass webinar worth £99


Cost to join – Introductory Fee join before end of September 2017

First 20 members £99 per month, then it will rise to £150 a month

If you want to upgrade and get more personal time with me, you can add a 45 minute 1-2-1 private Skype session monthly. That costs just £175 a month (first 10 people only)

This offer is only good until the end of September 17


Why is it not really cheap to join? I’m a struggling mompreneur!

Well first of all I don’t want to join you in the struggle with ££s, this is my business. I can help you shift that poverty mentality plus I can help you with both the stress thing as well as the business thing, that is a rare mix of talent, skill and wise knowledge! It has a fair price.

What this programme offers:

  • Priced to reward your commitment and so you appreciate what you are paying for
  • Expertise
  • Proven results
  • Relief from something that could kill you (stress)
  • Sanity and health
  • Your own commitment and responsibility to yourself