Mega Busy Business Women – Reduce & Release Your Stress!

Can you really be a career/business superstar, run a home, take care of yourself & your family without being totally compromised & overwhelmed by stress?

If STRESS is taking over your life, watch this NOW!


Mega Busy Career Women if Stress is taking over your life right now, STOP! – You need to address it before it halts your health, It’s time to Reduce and Release your Stress NOW! 

I do understand your current predicament!

I get where you are coming from, because I’ve been there myself both in corporate hell and self employed overwhelm when it comes to raised stress levels!  This enables me to now specialising in working with overwhelmed busy professional women who either work in a corporate environment or run or run their own business and who are struggling physically, mentally and emotionally with stress at work whether from heavy workloads, pressure from colleagues, increasing client demands.

Mega Busy Business Moms Reduce & Release Your Stress Levels

Are you a working mom and feel guilt from being a mega multi-tasking mom who feels totally distracted and like you are not there for your kids due to work demands.

How I help clients

I enable my clients to reduce the impact that stress levels have on their life, regain energy become more mindfully present so they overcome overwhelm and improve their focus, regain their energy quickly and naturally.

Maybe you can identify with Stella? She’s a typical client of mine. She’s a successful career/business gal but lately stress is starting to hinder her progress! She really needs to reduce and release her stress levels and fast…..

Are You like Stressed-Out Stella?

stressed woman at work
When Stress gets in the way of your work and home life



Are you feeling totally stressed, overwhelmed, disillusioned with work and the pressure it currently puts on your day to day life?

Are you worried about your physical, emotional and mental well being because stress is taking its toll on you?



To identify the area where Stress is showing up for you click on the relevant headlines below:

So You Know That Positive Action and Attention is required for Your Stress Problem – You’re my kind of woman!

You may feel like you need an instant fix solution to make all of this go away. Do be aware stress cannot always be fixed or sorted in one session, but there is help at hand if you work with me!

Is this you?

• Knowing that if you don’t do something soon, your health will permanently suffer, you want to address that NOW
• You are totally ready to sort this problem out and face it head on
• Actively seeking out the right solutions with the right person to help you sort out this current crisis
You want someone who gets where you are coming from and offers the right tools to get you sorted and back to full steam ahead and invest properly in your good health and best results

Ways to reduce your stress

Release your stress now programmes
Learn the Art of Mindfulness

Mega Busy Business Moms, Reduce & Release Your Stress Now!

Does any of this sounds like you too? Would you like to discover how to overcome the pressure of constant stress in your life? Why not download your Free 28 page Release your Stress Guide – Where is stress showing up most for you? Its aim to help you reduce and release your high stress levels now.

Get your Free 28 page Release your stress now guide
Get your Free 28 page Release your stress now guide

Discover exactly where the major stress influencers are in your life; identify the potential threats to your health and wellbeing if you choose to continue to ignore them.

In this free report you will discover:

• How to identify the KEY STRESSORS in your life. This means that you will finally understand what you need to eliminate or reduce on a daily basis to ease your frustration and stress

• The impact of those stressors if you don’t act now- understand exactly what the effects of stress will be for you if you continue to choose to put up with it or worse still ignore it at your peril!

You will also discover:

• How you currently cope (or not!) with pressure and stress – find new ways to easily help you through tough, busy and frantic times whether at work or home
• What might happen if you don’t make some fast changes- understand what lies ahead for you if you don’t make some simple and practical changes to the way you work and live your life
• How to channel your negative stress and turn it into positive energy- I will share some easy tips to help you feel better fast.

What are you waiting for?
Download your FREE 28 page guide report outlining the key areas to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

Simply fill in your name and email address for instant access to this useful report and assessment designed to help return you back into 100% health and vitality.

release your stress now free guide
FREE 28 page guide on reducing your stress levels

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